Inspirational Artwork & Photographs from Montana
The Montanan

The truth in this thought.

Conflict from within a mind applies only to the unconsciousness psyche without the reality of the populations surrounding. Projections
of thoughts are directed outward no matter how hard one try’s to forget them.

Where is the truth in this thought, hidden in the heart, or the mind.

Conflict indeed affects all of the persons involved even those whom have no knowledge, or desire of involvement, for it truly affects all
surrounding populations. The speech is thought and then conceived, the blinders cover the tears of betrayal and heartbreak. The actions
are as lines written, rehearsed and played for dramatization of reflections to be broadcasted and perceived as truth by others.

But again, what of the truth in this thought.

Conceivably all have frozen moments trapped within them, perhaps rooted and growing among the daises from past betrayal, or love lost. Is that to believe that all of the world is only a rehearsal for heartbroken actors living from within a real life facade, inflicting broken stories on the populations of the world and expecting these intelligent people to accept them as truth. What of truth, and wholeness, love for the sake of love without compromise. Is this thought of truth inconceivable in this theater that society has become. What of unconditional love and the true desires of passion without hidden objectives.