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Little Green Men

Little green men came and took me away today.

I tried and tried to resist but their power controlled me there was no way to fight it. They took me over the rainbow to a beautiful place. The sky is crystal blue with puffy pearl white clouds drifting by, the grass was so green, like the eyes of a black cat, and the flowers in bloom provided a vivid vera of color to soothe any eye. Here they turned me loose. As I walked along the crystal clear water that slowly moved through a meadow that went for as far as the eye could see I realized that I am alone.

A mist all of the beauty of natures greatest treasures I stand alone, as the walls of the great empire fall to thy enemies, as the stick falls from the tree and drifts down the river. I walked and I walked thinking that they would not find me but they were in my mind, haunting me, these desires of hell engulfing me until my eyes flowed in the blood of my enemies, until the sweat dripped after a cold morning kill these thoughts controlled me.

I ran and ran thinking, believing that I could get away but I could not, I could not, and I believed it. but how, how could a thought control my very expression of self from within the hour glass the sands of thoughts flooded me till I believed I was dying, my breathing quickened, and my pulse shot up, I gasped for air but there was none, I screamed with no sound until the birds came and lifted me away from my fear.

We flew higher and higher into the sky. I am free, free, from the thoughts that control my inner being, happy as the new born first learning to stand, alive, alive as the child climbing the first tree. I must let go, this is not real, none of this is real what a lonely being is I, as careless as the fly this being of I for will I fatally fall to die or learn to fly this being of I.

Content I must be with the birds in the sky, this is not real these visions from my eye, falling I fall from the sky to land in the green pasture walking along the creek…


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