Short Stories

Without love.

Beautiful as dancers gliding over each other like  skaters on the ice.
Their fingers hooked inside each other, connected, becoming as one.
Physical passion grows like fire in their hearts, controlling their moves.
hot as the burning fields of summer devouring the desert with
uncontrollable heat …. their passion bursts, and the water turns calm,
so calm.

Walking among the still waters without love for the one who had taken
them there…. rising slowly as the steam releases itself from their
heated bodies.

They do not mistake the lover as the gift of their pleasure.
Moving in strides as to not burn out before the end of the race,
as great runners, they are alone on the road, acknowledging the cold,
the wind, the fit of the shoes along the bottoms of their feet, the sun
slipping behind the tree’s, the birds singing within the leaves, their
overall cardiovascular health just factors,
like the person in the bed not loved, just manipulated for the good of
one, for the sake of pleasure without the commitment of commitment.
all for the sake of love without love.

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