Inspirational Artwork & Photographs from Montana
The Montanan, Shorts and Stories

She Died

She laid there still in his heartbroken arms till the end when her last breath exhaled from her lifeless body. She did not have to die, if she could have tapped into his willingness for her to live she may have pulled through continuing breathing with the help of his love but, all is lost as she lies dead in his arms.

Her long black hair blows in the wind his cold rugged fingers slowly stroking the soft thatch. The lights on the street corner flicker in the breeze passing strangers walk through the night, as his world stops with her lifeless body in his arms.

A burning in his gut, revenge, justice, payback, all of the above began to burn deep inside him.  Life lost its meaning as he watched her die.  Now, now they will die, all of them, every single one without exception.

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