Walking in the Trees

Walking in the Forest

Walking alone in the forest i heard a sound.

a sound of a voice crying, hiding within the brush with no one around

when i searched and searched to find what i found

there sat a woman crying with her face in the ground

but what could i do but to be one my way,

to help the young woman there alone, but what could i say

i could say that things would be better, they could never be worse

no, that would be a lie and the truth would do nothing but hurt

so i continued to walk with that thought on my mind

walking and wondering of what, or whom i had left behind

i could reach out my hand and raise her to her feet

i could say nothing and walk alone until we would meet

i could be quiet and wait for her to speak… or simply do nothing

sit down and take a seat.

i would do nothing, but watch her there

i had better things to do, could not afford to care

i had places to go and people to meet

so with a heavy heart i knew i must go

i began to rise and stand on my feet

at that time there before me she raised her head to speak

the silence in her face was more then i can say,

she said that little green men came a took me away today

i smiled in understanding of what she had said that day

and reached out a hand to help her on her way

she took my hand a i pulled her to her feet

i let go of her hand and put mine to my sides

she tilted her head and captured my eyes

we stood there for a moment, and then turned away

now i was walking with someone in the forest that day…

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